Products for Installation


Whether you are building a new home, replacing an old A/C unit, fitting out a new office, or simply upgrading your current air conditioning, Pole Nord Ltd can supply a variety of Air Conditioning systems for installation.

Thanks to our reliable partners and the best available brands, our highly qualified team will provide you with its expertise as we guarantee high-quality service.



Wall mounted split unit systems are perfect for house rooms, whole homes, offices, server rooms and shops. Quicker and easier to install, they supply the room with even and quiet air flow.



Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning systems provide fast and effective cooling of larger spaces. Ideal for large offices, computer rooms, restaurants and reception areas, they provide programmable and energy efficient cooling.

Cassette Type


Cassette air conditioners provide well distributed cooling coverage thanks to its four-way fan. Stylish and powerful they are perfect for offices and areas that has practical and aesthetic needs.

ducted Type


Ducted systems provide discreet air conditioning cosy comfort. Ideal for multiple room application, large offices and shopping centres they are great to keep large areas at a uniform temperature.

air curtains


Air curtains create invisible air barriers in order to separate two environments effectively without obstructing the passage. They keep the atmosphere free from pest, dust, pollution and smells. Perfect for shops, shopping malls and office entrances.